Photoshelter Webinar: Lighting it up in Austin

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at SXSW in Austin at an event sponsored by Photoshelter.  At the end of the seminar, we did a quick lighting demo with a local Austin musician, and we’ll share those photos, the planning, and the thought process that went into the demo this Wednesday night, March 31 from 6-7pm Central Time during a live webinar at  I hope you can join us.

Taylor Jones, a fabulous Austin digital tech (and owner of Texas Grip) provided support with live capture during the event, and provided most of the lighting equipment from his magically awesome grip truck.  We were assisted by good friends Nathan Lindstrom, Todd Spoth, Will Rutledge, and Andrew Loehman.  Profoto also helped out by loaning us some additional equipment for the event.

We thought it would be interesting to show a scenario that happens all too often in our business:  How to deal with a subject with limited time in a single location.  Planning and choreographing your shoot ahead of time and utilizing different lighting tools can make all the difference and can give your art director more setups to choose from.

We really lucked out by landing a great musician and artist to be our muse for the shoot:  Michael Scott Parker, of Creature Rock.  Michael used to live in San Francisco, and has been photographed numerous times by the trinity of rock and roll photographers: Michael Zagaris, Baron Wolman, and the late, great, Jim Marshall.  She was great to work with, and I hope to shoot with her again soon.

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