Photographing an Industrial Deep Sea Diver for Scuba Diving Magazine

Brian Lacey, an industrial deep sea saturation diver for Scuba Diving Magazine.
Brian Lacey, an industrial deep sea saturation diver for Scuba Diving Magazine.

We recently did an editorial shoot for Scuba Diving magazine for a special issue they put together on the “Dirtiest Jobs” in the SCUBA diving industry.  The photographs were commissioned in various parts of the country by different photographers: a salvage diver, a diver from a nuclear reactor facility, a police investigator, an underwater logger, a croc-wrangler, and our cool assignment: an “industrial deepwater saturation diver.”

Our diver was a nice gentleman named Brian Lacey, and he travels all over the world diving deep underwater for the oil and gas industry, repairing rigs, working on pipelines, etc.  He spends up to a month on the job, living like an astronaut in a small pressurized chamber.  He’s been as far down as 900 feet, but on average works at around 300 feet below the surface.

I’ve taken many oil and gas portraits, but this was my first chance to photograph an industrial diver, and I was pretty stoked.

Photo assistant Michael Klein and I photographed Brian on a dock in Galveston with his super heavy deepwater dive gear.  We used two Profoto B-4’s and one Profoto Acute 600B.  I scouted the location previously, and due to the recent downturn in oil prices, several offshore rigs were parked in port, which provided us with a great background normally not seen next to shore.  It worked perfectly for the story, and the photo gods blessed us with a wonderful colorful sunset to complete the assignment.

Brian Lacey, an industrial deep sea saturation diver.
Brian Lacey, an industrial deep sea saturation diver.
The double truck layout from Scuba Diving Magazine's "Dirtiest  Jobs" issue.
The double truck layout from Scuba Diving Magazine’s “Dirtiest Jobs” issue.

Robert Seale on faculty for Rich Clarkson Sports Photography Workshop

Professional climber Chelsea Rude was among our models for the workshop in 2012. ©2012 Robert Seale
Professional climber Chelsea Rude was among our models for the workshop in 2012. ©2012 Robert Seale

It is indeed an honor to be invited back to teach again this year at the Photography at the Summit Sports Photography Workshop in Colorado Springs, July 17-22.

The workshop is the brainchild of Rich Clarkson, the legendary photographer and former Director of Photography at National Geographic and several newspapers.

Among the scheduled faculty this year:  Brad Smith, Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated; Nate Gordon, Photo Editor at Sports Illustrated; Lucas Gilman, adventure photographer; John McDonough, photographer at Sports Illustrated; Mark Reis, Director of Photography at the Colorado Springs Gazette; Mark Terrill, staff photographer at the Associated Press; Joey Terrill, Los Angeles based commercial photographer and frequent Golf Digest contributor; and several others.

The workshop is sponsored by Nikon, and offers students a chance to shoot in and around beautiful Colorado Springs, with access to the Olympic Training Center and many of the elite athletes that train there.

To register for the workshop, visit the link: Sports Photography Workshop.  Hope to see you there!

Fitness photography in Kodachrome State Park

Perfect form running along the rocks in Kodachrome S. P.

I recently photographed an awesome fitness instructor, Melanie Webb in Kodachrome State Park in Utah.  Melanie is unique in the world of fitness professionals in that she runs a great business combining two of her areas of expertise: wildlife and fitness training.

Melanie was originally a wildlife biologist with the state of Utah, and  later became a very sought after fitness instructor at top health clubs in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.  She combined her two loves into Sol Fitness Adventures, an adventure travel company, where she leads custom expeditions in southern Utah and throughout the world.  Not only can she guide you up the mountain safely, she can also tell you the scientific names for all the flora and fauna you’ll encounter along the way.

Her company, Sol Fitness Adventures, has been featured in Outside magazine, Real Simple, and a number of other news organizations.

Although she normally leads tours  in places like Zion National Park, Arches National Park, and Lake Powell, we decided to shoot at Kodachrome State Park.  Melanie is a gifted athlete and  we made some great photos in the awesome late afternoon Utah light.