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After several weeks of design, editing, and caption writing, I finally went live with my new website this week. I added some new categories to better represent the diversity of the work I’m doing now. My primary focus is on lighting and portrait oriented work, but that often takes different forms depending on the goals of the client for whom I’m working. There’s a category called “Sports/Celebrity Portraits” which features mostly static portraiture of sports stars, musicians, and other notables.  I still shoot a lot of athletes, and I’m fortunate that sports apparel companies, and editorial clients like sports magazines, and health/fitness publications call on me for sports portraits. I’ve added a new section called “Motion” which features some of the more active and athletic sports portraits in my portfolio.  Recent feedback from ad agency art buyers, and sports apparel reps pushed the decision to create another category and separate this work from the other sports portraits in my portfolio. I’ve also added a “CEO/Executive Portraits” section.  I’ve had a lot of experience with shooting powerful executives, and I still get a lot of calls for this type of work.  I’m convinced  the experience I have shooting famous athletes has really prepared me well for this work.  The shoots are actually very similar:  they are always carefully choreographed and pre-lit with test subjects.  When the executive arrives, we’re on the clock, and we often shoot multiple set-ups in less time than it takes most photographers to take a meter reading.   If there are multiple lighting set-ups, we bring more equipment.  I never want a CEO standing around tapping his foot while we’re moving  strobes and stands. The last gallery is  the “Annual Report/Corporate Photography”  portfolio.   Working for corporations sometimes calls for a diverse skill set.  I get to draw on my newspaper photojournalism background, my lighting skills, and even aerial photography in many cases to help corporations present their photographic message in corporate collateral materials, annual reports, and advertising. I’ve added lots of new work in all the categories, and I hope to update on a much more regular basis than the last site.  I hope you’ll check it out. Houston Photographer Robert Seale

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